Last year, at the Feast, Ben shared a call to follow God with our whole lives.  If you were part of Kairos at that time you may remember that he introduced 5 journey statements.  Simple ways we could spot and thank God for fruit in our lives and also see where God might be wanting to bring growth.  We also focused on these 5 statements during Lent this year (you can read about that here).

As we get close to this year’s Feast We’d love to find out what change or growth we might have spotted in these areas:  

I experience God’s presence in prayer & worship.  Have you noticed any change in your ability to sense God’s presence or your desire to make space for worship or listening?  Maybe you have tried something new, on your own or with your community, to help grow in prayer or worship.  

I am in a Kairos community group that grows my faith.  Have you joined a new community or found yourself particularly appreciating people around you?  Perhaps you have done something together as a community that has helped you grow.  

I experience fruitfulness on my frontlines.  We’ve made our frontlines quite a focus this year.  What have you noticed God doing with you in your everyday places – home, work, places you spend time?  Can you spot ways in which God is leading you to be fuiltful on your frontline?  

I have friends who are not yet Christians & can spot people of peace.  How have you been learning to make friends?  Can you see ways in which people around you are taking steps towards Jesus as they share life with you?  

I am able to share God’s story & my story.  Have you tried anything that has been helpful in your ability to know and tell God’s story in the bible?  Perhaps you have developed a new pattern for bible study or enjoyed a particular book, app or tool to help you learn.  Maybe you have had the chance to share your story of faith with someone.  

I don’t think we’ll all have grown in all of these in the exact same way but I am confident that, when we stop and think about it, we’ll notice God has led us on a journey this year. There are likely to be one or two areas where you can see fruit.  

We love to hear what God is doing amongst us!  Do you have time to leave a comment and tell us a little bit of your story today?  Ben is also looking for 5 people who might share something of their experience in one of these areas at the Feast.  If you would be happy to tell your story to others please get in touch.