Mission Partners

It’s our practice at Kairos to give away 10% of our income to support the mission of other organisations. We focus our regular giving on 4 organisations:

IJM – working to end slavery in our lifetime

OIKOS – the work includes leading a local church in Lima (Peru) and an after-school children’s ministry in a nearby Shantytown called ‘Casa de Paz’ (House of Peace)

Kairos Connexion – a movement of leaders and group of churches on a journey of mission and discipleship

The Harrogate Hub – churches working together on mission

IJM (International Justice Mission)

Slavery is a massive issue today. There are estimated to be 40 million people trapped in modern slavery – today. They are trafficked. They work in appalling conditions. Their lives and the lives of their children are not their own. They are subject to violence and sexual exploitation including by online predators. The wider issues of everyday violence affect more than 2 billion of people in poverty around the world that are struggling to survive on less than $2 a day.

We believe that justice is core to loving God and loving our neighbour and that we are called to be disciples and make disciples who are passionate about justice as Jesus was. Our support for IJM and OIKOS is based on this passion for justice.

‘The IJM Vision is to end slavery in our lifetime.  As the world’s largest international anti-slavery organisation, the IJM mission is to rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice for people in poverty unstoppable’

IJM have shown that the issues of modern slavery and everyday violence can be tackled. They build local teams in the countries they work in. They investigate individual cases, rescue victims of modern slavery & provide aftercare enabling recovery over time. They prosecute traffickers, slave owners and oppressors. As relationships and trust are built they are able to help strengthen criminal justice systems. It works. It’s wonderful to see many who have been rescued and cared for now taking a lead to rescue and care for others.

To learn more or donate to the work of IJM see:


Why not sign up for their regular prayer updates or sign up as a Freedom Partner to support their work?


We support the work of Mark & Anna Burgess who have been British missionaries to Peru since 2007. They have 3 children: Daniel, Joel & Kaleb. Anna tells us more about their work on her blog:

‘I am a British missionary living in Lima, Peru. I have been married to Mark for 14 years.  He is my best friend, my greatest encourager and an incredibly faithful and passionate man. We have three bundles of energy, Daniel, Joel & Kaleb. 

Together, Mark and I lead Oikos Ministries in Peru, where we oversee a church in Lima and also spend time supporting native Shipibo pastors in the Amazon Jungle.  We live in community, which means we often cook for lots of people, our doorbell rings at least 15 times a day, we have almost lost track of who has keys and we have tried out all the different birthday cakes in the local shop (lemon meringue pie – yum!). e been

When I am not mothering or ministering, I love to spend time writing, thinking, playing piano and re-designing things (kitchens, guinea-pig cages…). I also spend time homeschooling the boys which may or may not involve dancing whilst we cook in the kitchen; jumping on beds to times tables; marching and singing around the dining-room table and snuggling up with snacks to read many a book together . 

Our family are passionate about seeing people come to know God, growing in intimacy with Him, hearing His calling for their lives and living it out.’


Learn more and donate to support Mark, Anna and the work of OIKOS:


Kairos Connexion

Kairos has found it very valuable to be part of the Kairos Connexion movement and group of churches.

‘Kairos Connexion is a network of churches and leaders in England and Wales who have committed to travel together on a journey of mission and discipleship. Kairos Connexion exists to help leaders rediscover the church that Jesus died for and is coming back for. We equip churches to put mission and discipleship front and centre of church life, where everyone gets to play.’

To learn more see: https://kairosconnexion.org

The Harrogate Hub

Kairos is an active member of The Harrogate Hub, which is a grouping of churches across Harrogate and Knaresborough. The vision of The Hub is 

“That everyone in Harrogate will know the love of God and love of Community. We do this by helping churches work together more effectively on mission.”

To learn more and out the Hub and current projects see: https://theharrogatehub.org 

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