New Year Prayer

A New Year Prayer – Reflections by Aidan.

We welcome this year with God, who else would you want to welcome a new year with? In the beginning there was the Word from whom all things where made, so by welcoming God we are declaring a connection with our creator this year. 

The Spirit of the sovereign Lord is among us, in Revelation it ends by saying “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with Gods people. Amen.” So, this grace found in us through the Holy Spirit, is among each one of us and it comes from our Lord. 

So, we are, because of this, as a fact that we know to be true, we both collectively and as individuals are… 

Transformed as a new creation through Christ, in John it is written, “for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” We, therefore, inherit this as by Jesus, we are saved through his sacrifice. But not only that we as children of God. 

So, we go, as Gods children we are called to be active participants in the kingdom the great commission tells Jesus followers to go! But remember you are not alone we go… 

Filled with The Spirit, by it’s Love Joy & Peace, an everlasting sustaining Joy, the Joy of the Lord, and the peace just like that in Jesus that stilled the waters during a storm, and the Love for everyone of us, even during the hardship and troubles The Spirit remains with us. 

So, we can, acting in this power, alongside the all-powerful God because of our transformation through Christ Jesus, fulfilled with The Spirit we can… 

Dwell richly with God through Christ, Spirit, and Community. As we look to be closer to God, we move deeper into our place saved for us, into Christ through spending time with the Spirit. This is something we do together. In Genesis when Adam was alone its was “not good” but once with Eve it become “very good”. For as it says in Psalms, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” 

Amen! What better word is there to say other than, thanks. We can all be grateful for these things, for this, collective call that we can pick up and answer in Jesus’ name. With the spirit as our supporting divine. Be encouraged and take heart this year.