Connect with God at home

There seem to be a number of us, especially those with families, having to self isolate for chunks of time right now. Of course lots of this time might be taken up fighting illness, but I thought it might be useful to list a few resources that might help you worship and draw near to God when you find yourself unexpectedly at home. Of course these will work great at other times too!

Engage Worship produced very creative ‘worship at home‘ resources during the first lockdown. Each would make a fun, God-focussed family activity. Some of my favourites are: bread, dice and aeroplanes.

The Bible Project have been releasing a weekly bible study and reflection – either on podcast or video – for the last year. They have a great way of packing some deep thinking into quite short videos. You can see all of the reflections here. As I write this the last study was on The Family of God.

Many of us use Lectio 365 from 24-7. This app offers a reflective time of prayer for both day and night. Doing both could be a brilliant way to start a prayer rhythm.

The Kairos youtube stream is stocked full of our videos. I’ve organised these so that you can easily box-set binge our ‘Strengthen and Sustain’ and ‘Transforming Power’ series from earlier in the year.

If you use spotify we have a songs for Kairos playlist. Its got over an hour of worship music.

I am praying for those of you who are having to isolate because of covid.
Church, lets keep in close contact with each other and make sure we include, encourage, pray for and bless those who are having to stay at home.

Have you and your community found a great way of keeping everyone connected and blessing people who are having to isolate? Have you found a great worship-at-home resource? Share your ideas in the comments.