Why are you called Kairos?

Kairos is a Greek word.  It is used by Jesus in the gospels.  He says:  “…the time (kairos) has come; the kingdom of God is near.   Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15).   Kairos describes a moment when new opportunities are possible and God’s kingdom is close.  We believe that God is frequently giving us those moments and we want to be a church that takes hold of them as opportunities to learn and grow.

What about baptisms and weddings?

St Mary’s parish, centred on the (now disused) church building in Harlow Terrace, has been dissolved following the establishment of Kairos Network Church by Bishop John, Bishop of Ripon and Leeds. Consequently enquiries about baptisms, marriages and funerals should be addressed to the parish in which you now reside.

Five parishes, St Mark’s, St Robert’s Pannal, St Michael and All Angels Beckwithshaw, St Wilfrid and St Peter’s have had their boundaries extended to absorb the former St Mary’s parish. As a result, responsibility for two large secondary schools in Harrogate has shifted – Harrogate Grammar School and the streets around it south of Otley Road are now part of St Mark’s parish, while Rossett High School is now part of Pannal. The town’s historic Valley Gardens and its neighbouring streets – including St Mary’s Church itself – become part of St Wilfrid and St Peter’s parish, while Harlow Carr Gardens and the areas north of the Otley Road become part of St Michael and All Angels Beckwithshaw.

Information on your parish can be found here.

What is the Church’s history?

Once upon a time there was a Church of England parish established to serve a particular part of Harrogate from the centre, near the Pump Rooms, right up to Harlow Hill at the edge of the town.  Two worship centres were built, St Mary’s the main parish church just off Cold Bath Road, and All Saints, a chapel at the top of Harlow Hill to serve the surrounding area.

Over the years the St Mary’s building became an increasingly heavy financial burden to bear and eventually it was closed in January 2007 due to severe structural problems, which successive generations over the years had vainly tried to rectify. At almost the same time All Saints also had to close due to structural problems leading to a formal closure in 2009.  The church continued to pray and work towards effective discipleship and mission and St Mary’s moved into Harrogate Grammar School for Sunday services until summer 2008.

Under the Rev Mark Carey, who led the church between October 2007 and October 2017, St Mary’s began a significant transition from parish church to a ‘fresh expression of church’ serving the whole deanery of Harrogate.  It is a Church of England church but not in the traditional inherited form.  Fully part of the Deanery of Harrogate and the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds, St Mary’s is now known as Kairos Network Church.

What about money and giving?

Kairos is supported financially through regular giving by those who participate in Kairos. We are also supported by the Diocese of Leeds who pay for the stipend of the leader. Our aim is to become self-sustaining. 

Giving – we encourage all those who follow Jesus to give from their income according to how God calls them.  

Our values in regard to giving are:

Common Purse. One central fund – Jesus functioned from a common purse and so do we. From this common purse can come the financial support for mission.

All. All should contribute on the basis of how God has blessed them, and then all have equal access to the common purse as their missional needs arise.

Tithes & Offerings. We believe in giving by Tithes (guideline 10% of our income, regular and planned) to Kairos and Offerings (giving as part of worship, generous & regular).

Standing order forms are available from the Kairos Office and Gift Aid envelopes are provided at Gatherings.

What is a Bishop’s Mission Order?

Kairos is a Bishop’s Mission Order (BMO) 

BMO’s are a means for a Bishop to legally recognise a mission initiative that will lead to a new Christian community – a fresh expression of church. Since Kairos operates across parish boundaries it is a way of enabling Kairos to have a recognised place amongst all the different expressions of church. 

How do I find out more about becoming a Christian?

To explore Christianity further check out www.alpha.org

Alpha is a low-pressure, fun and informative course. It is a place to relax, share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. The course is designed primarily for people who don’t go to church but are interested in the Christian faith.

We run Alpha courses regularly. For more information contact the church office.   

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