Vision and Values

Our vision as a church is to share with everyone around us the good news that God’s kingdom is near, by loving God, building community and making disciples.


Our goals are to:

Love God – To lead lives that are orientated around worship and friendship with God.

Build Community – To develop authentic relationships and share life together.

Make Disciples – To share what we are learning as we seek to imitate Jesus.

Change Lives – To see the transforming power of God across our neighbourhoods and networks.


We value:

Generosity – We joyfully give away what we have been given.

Responsiveness – We listen to what God is saying and do something about it.

Shared Lives – We live as extended family seeking to build good relationships.

Purpose – Our lives have meaning and we are called to make a difference where we are.

Growth – We are journeying with each other to become the people God dreamed of when He made us. 

Partnership – We seek relationships with others to stir up discipleship and mission.

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