Who’s Who

Leadership at Kairos – The Three Teams

Kairos is led by a Pioneer Minister who works with three teams: Vision Team, Trustees and Resource Base Team.  Together they share leadership and oversight of the church.




Rev Ben Askew – Pioneer Minister





Vision Team

The Vision team work with the Pioneer Leader to discern and make decisions about the vision God is giving the church. They are Clive Dresner (chair), Chris Watson, Angela Sharratt, Sarah Allison, Helen Askew & Liz Long.


Kairos Trustees are Ven Paul Hooper (chair), Rachel Wilkinson, Neil Long, Ann Austin & Katharine Davies. The trustees take responsibility for managing the church’s finances and assets so that the vision of the church can be implemented.

Resource Base Team

The Resource Base team work to support and implement the vision of the church through gatherings and MSCs. They are Helen Askew, Chris Watson, Andy Wilson, Liz Long & Rachel Wilkinson.

We also have one licensed Reader, Rachel McHugh, and one in training.


Bishop Christopher Edmonson is the Visitor for the Kairos BMO – this means he supports the mission of Kairos and exercises oversight on behalf of the Diocesan Bishop.

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