We’re coming to the end of Lent and we’ve just finished our short burst of 24 hour prayer.
What has God been showing us in this time?

Well I’ve had a whole lot of fun in the prayer room this week,  I hope you have too.  Thank you very much to everyone who has been involved.  Do let us know any senses of God speaking,  answered prayers, or stories from our time.  Late night and mid-day hours praying have meant that my brain is full of things I think the Lord has said,  for now though I just want to reflect on prayer itself.

Earlier in the season Pippa described her prayer rhythm as breathing,  I think it’s a good picture.  Praying is that organic and it’s that essential,  we need it to live.

If prayer really is like breathing then it really is important.  Another image I’ve heard a few times is that our prayers are like the cover that an air force provides an invading army.  It is about our living and about our ability to move forward.

One of the things I’ve realised again and again is that it’s really hard persuading people to pray!  It’s hard because there are often any number of other things happening that might seem a better use of our time.  If I’m really honest,  it’s hard persuading myself to pray.  I suppose we should take comfort that the night before Jesus died he was still persuading his disciples that they needed to stay awake and pray.

I think we do need to keep going with this, I think God is teaching us a way of praying together,  but I also know that we don’t want one place that we always come back to to pray.  We want powerful,  sustaining,  victory-winning rhythms of prayer in each of our MSCs.  Would it be possible,  for example,  for your MSC to host a mini prayer room for a night or two?

As you reflect on what God has been showing you this week do also think about these questions:

How is your community already investing into prayer?
How might you lead your MSC to increase the power and frequency of its prayers.

Have a Fantastic Easter,  we’re looking forward to seeing you at Simply Easter and the Sunday Celebration.