The Prophecy Course

The Bible tells us to “eagerly desire prophecy” and the aim of this course is to give every participant the confidence to hear God for themselves and to engage effectively with the gift of prophecy. 

You don’t have to think of yourself as ‘a prophet’, just have a desire to learn how to hear God’s voice better!

Over the series of eight sessions we will cover:

  1. Understanding Prophecy
  2. Tuning In – Learning to Hear God’s Voice
  3. The Role of the Holy Spirit
  4. Values
  5. Growing in the Prophetic
  6. Guidelines and Good Practice
  7. Weighing Prophecies; Responding to the Prophetic
  8. Prophetic Ministry

The course consists of teaching videos from Cath Livesey of Accessible Prophecy, alongside group discussion and a chance to practice hearing God’s voice for ourselves and each other. 

The course will be facilitated by Helen Askew, Carol Bracher and Jane Stockton, each of whom have been on variations of this course before and are familiar with the content. All are welcome, whether you feel like a beginner or are wanting space to hear God’s voice afresh. 

The course is running on 8 Saturday mornings from 8.30am – 10am starting on 29th April, with a break after 4 sessions to allow for half term and time to practice what we’re learning. Exact dates will be given at the first session.

If you’d like to join us please sign up below so we know to get enough workbooks for everyone.


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