Be Strong and Wait – Kairos MSC News

Over the summer we have been praying & waiting on God together for a number of things.  One of those things has been asking God what He is going to do with the Blaze leadership and we are thankful that new team members are beginning to emerge and that we are beginning to see new members join, it’s an exciting time for them and we will see what continues to develop.  The other thing you’ll be aware of is that Allsorts ended with a celebration BBQ in July and we have been waiting to see what new vision God gives.  The news is there are 2 new MSCs starting as well as ideas and vision for another 3 – wow!  We have also seen the beginning of Liberty – a new MSC reaching out to the marginalised.  God seems to be in the process of multiplying our MSCs which is amazing!

It’s all very exciting especially as we really haven’t done a lot to bring these things into being.  As a leadership team we have just trusted God, listened to what He’s been saying and had conversations with people around our favourite questions ‘What is God saying & what are you going to do about it?’

Where do you need to trust and wait on God for your MSC right now?  It may be you are looking for the next stage of development if you’ve been going a while.  It may be that you are just beginning and it all feels a little vulnerable and you’re not quite sure whether people will actually turn up.  Here’s one thing I’ve been thinking about this week…let’s be people who lead with the spiritual authority we’ve been given and assume that people want to be involved and invited, that God is working in people’s lives and that He is working towards the vision He’s given you.  Let’s be people who are confident in what God’s called us to and who are people who just trust Him as we do what He asks us to.

Have a great week! Helen