Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we get going into January I thought it would be good to remind you of some of the things we have been thankful for.   Most of these were written by MSC leaders at our last Learning Community.

Resurrection Bikes
For getting regular volunteers, a steady flow of bikes in, and some contacts to help give bikes away.

For better attendance and commitment and and increase in ability to study the bible together.  Also for pubs and Whatsapp!

For movement and momentum as we get out of the Resource Base and find other places to meet.  For fun doing mission together at Halloween and Christmas Carol singing.

For new relationships and members as we move out together.  For people starting to show an interest in the gospel!

For the development of two youth MSCs – Movies and Crash, for young people getting more involved in prayer,  sharing God’s word and serving in worship and kids teams.

For new people and new opportunities.  For increase in discipleship through Discovery Bible Studies.

That was last year!  We’re just over a week into 2016 and there seems to be momentum.  It was great to have each MSC pray together during launch week.   Yesterday Links and Ohana both met,  and Allsorts Basecamp began.  There is lots to be grateful for already.  As we keep moving outward its important to keep our connection Upwards to God and Inwards with each other good.  I want to encourage you to make the most of events like The UP and Leader’s Pitstop to do this.

What is the Lord saying to you as we start the year together?  What are you thankful for?  These aren’t supposed to be rhetorical questions – we want to be able to get better at sharing what is going on.  Do you have time to leave a comment below with a short story about what God is doing or saying in your MSC?