Welcome to August!  Some of you will be away on holiday already.  Others are enjoying the sunshine at New Wine or other festivals and camps,  some won’t be going anywhere.  As a church we have the habit of using this month to slow down.  There will be a bit less going on at the Resource Base and most our MSCs will mainly doing informal, social, things together.  I want to encourage you make this a month of rest and connection.  Take the time to slow down a little,  but be looking at the way you connect – up, in and out.

Connect… with God.  I’ve found myself reflecting on Psalm 1 and Psalm 23 a lot this summer.  Ps 1 tells us that the one who meditates on God’s word is blessed,  like a tree planted by streams of water.  Ps 23 reminds us that those who listen to God and stay close to him experience his protection and blessing.  How can your rest time involve Jesus?  How can you listen carefully to him?  Over August we’re going to send out two prayer texts a week at noon.  Could you (re)start the habit of pausing in the day and making sure you are listening to the Shepherd?

Connect… with Kairos.  Part of being family is learning to rest together.  There is a little less formal activity going on among us this month,  but lets stay connected to one another.  Why not join us at a 9am communion or one of the Summer Gatherings?  If you are doing something fun could you invite one or two people from your MSC or the wider Kairos family with you?  Use (or set up) a Whatsapp or FB group for your MSC to stay in touch,  or post some stories,  prayer requests or holiday pictures on our Facebook Kairos Family Group.

Connect… with friends.  Summer is a great time to notice and connect with those friends around you who are leaning in and wanting some of what God has given you.  Be on the lookout for new people – make the most of opportunities to get to know them and share stories together.  Let God suprise you with simple mission opportunities as you slow down and pay attention to him.

By Ben Askew