Light of the World – a thought by Ben.

The end of October can feel quite murky: foggy cold mornings, dark evenings, all sorts of Halloween related things in our media, and lots of gloom in global and national news. It feels a great time to remember that Jesus said: I am the light of the world.

Light is a recurring theme in the gospels, often it is a description of Jesus, sometimes though it is a description of another faithful person, like John the Baptist. In Matthew 5:14 Jesus tells his followers: You are the light of the world. The gospels seem to imagine people gathering round Jesus: The Light, being filled with God’s light and then acting as lights themselves. In this murky season I encourage you to seek God’s illumination and look for simple ways to share it with others.

A simple breath prayer you could use: Jesus, you are The Light, Lord we are the light.