A New Year message from Mark

Happy New Year!

2014 was our fourth year as Kairos Network Church and it was a good year. We saw quite a lot of the dynamic Jesus talked about (see John 15) regarding the vine being pruned in order to bear fruit. The early part of the year involved some pruning however as the year went on we saw fruit.

It was especially good to celebrate together at Simply Christmas – great to see so many people involved, the creativity and the fun all put together so well by Pippa Croft.

On our first Sunday of the New Year at both gatherings I spoke from Isaiah 61:1-3 encouraging us as a church to embrace having a manifesto for the year that is based on Praise, Planting and Proclamation.

We get a mantle of praise for a faint spirit – when you feel your spirit is faint this year remember you have a mantle of praise!

We are also a planting of the Lord for the display of his glory/splendour – remember this year to nurture each other as ‘plantings’ that in our communities and every other area we all have the best chance to display God’s glory – we need to nurture each other!

We are also anointed and sent to proclaim – the prophecy in Isaiah suggests that we can specialise in proclamation – some of us are called to the poor, others to release prisoners, others to help others see, some are called to comfort and others to provide – have you an Isaiah 61 specialisation in proclamation?

I reminded the Resource Base Team of the big picture as we began the New Year: It’s all for the display of God’s splendour. Let’s make as much as possible of our lives for his glory!!!

I’m excited to be heading into 2015 with you all.

Mark Carey