A Tent People – Kairos MSC News.

It was fantastic to see so many gathered together for the Leaders and Network Learning Community last weekend. We have come a long way already and what was apparent is that we are learning together how to be released as communities of followers in the mission of Jesus.

I like the phrase we have sometimes used to describe Kairos: A TENT PEOPLE WITH A TENT MENTALITY.   We believe in movement in response to God’s call. To accomplish this we must have a mentality, a state of mind, that embraces movement as our way of life.
Firstly this means TRUSTDallas Willard said “Jesus isn’t just nice, he’s brilliant!” We can trust in the brilliant Jesus who said “but seek first the kingdom and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) – making plans on the basis of the kingdom in right relationship with God is the posture of trust for a tent person with a tent mentality.
Secondly, our tent mentality is to do with DEVELOPMENT. 
Clearly Jesus expected his disciples to grow. For us this means admitting that we are called to be disciples, learning to develop as disciples through hearing and obeying God and choosing to deliberately make disciples by “….teachi[ng] them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 25:20).
Thirdly, a tent people with a tent mentality are into INVESTMENT. 
We believe we have something invested in us by God to invest for the sake of the kingdom. As we invest our spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual and financial capital – all we have – in the kingdom there is a return.
To be a tent people – moving wherever and whenever God calls us we need to be people who TRUST, DEVELOP and INVEST. That is our mentality, and that is our challenge. Let’s keep moving!