A Testimony from Andy Wilson

Recently I did a Sozo with some of the team, and have found it to be one of the most fruitful, encouraging, life-giving experiences I have had.


Through a very gentley led process I met with Jesus and Father God in a more impactful way than I had done in a very long time.


I know that I am a changed person, having done this, and my relationship with God is much closer, much deeper, and my identity is much stronger now having done this.


I would say that anyone in Kairos should meet with these guys, and spend some time with them, especially anyone in leadership, but anyone who opens themselves and allows God in through this gentle un-intrusive process, will leave changed, stronger, and closer to God. Do take these guys up on their offer and encounter God in a way that will see your life grow, but also the lives around you change as well. No one should miss out on this amazing opportunity that exists here on our doorstep, get a Sozo!