Base Camp

Nobody goes to the summit of Everest without first stopping at Base Camp. Why? Because they have to adjust to the conditions.

Base Camp is a 7 week opportunity to adjust further to being part of a church that believes in Mission Shaped Communities that go and make disciples.

Come if you are wanting to find a place to belong in Kairos.
Come if you are exploring a vision for a new Mission Shaped Community.
Come if you want to understand better the vision and values of Kairos.
Come if you want to get to know others in Kairos better.
Come for puddings at 7:30pm each Wednesday.

Week 1:   Our story and our values.
Week 2:   Covenant and kingdom.
Week 3:   Following Jesus:  discipleship.
Week 4:   Mission Shaped Community and family on mission.
Week 5:   Practical fishing for beginners.
Week 6:   What is your mission?
Week 7:   What is God saying and what are you going to do about it?