Base Camp

During October and November a number of us are gatherings at the Kairos Base for Base Camp: 6 weeks to go other some of our core principles and practices.    If you have missed a week or want to listen again there’ll all be posted here:

Session 1:  This is our story

In this first session we talked about our story as a church.  Did you know our history goes back around 200 years and includes 4 different buildings as well as a long history of mission in Harrogate?


Session 2:  Love God – Covenant

We are called to love God and orientate our lives around him.  In this session Chris opens up the idea of Covenant and why we prioritise relationship with the God who loves us.


Session 3: Love God – Kingdom

Loving God and becoming his friend leads us to become interested in the things he is interested in so we find ourselves getting drawn into his kingdom.  In this session Helen unpacks what it means to be a friend of God with kingdomresponsibility.


This session comes with homework!  This week spend some time (minimum 10 mins) in a place you regularly frequent (pub, workplace, home, community centre, school etc.) in conversation with God.  Ask the Holy Spirit “What does your kingdom look like in this place?”  Make a note of any thoughts, words, or feelings that you notice.

Session 4: Jesus’ Ways

As we learn to relate to God as both Father and King we find ourselves drawn towards Jesus’ way of living building relationships in three directions through worship, community and mission.  In this session we ask “What next Lord?” as we seek to go further with those relationships.


The recording features the start of a video,  you can watch the whole thing clicking on the image below.

Session 5: Jesus’ Followers’ Ways

We go deeper into exploring how Jesus followers build relationships with those around them and participate in God’s mission by noticing the people around them who are leaning in to relationship with them.


Session 6: Introducing Kairos Communities

In our final Thursday session we look at the lost idea of Oikos and the ways in which we might build community together.