Communities that reflect the Creator

This term at central gatherings our sermons are going to be focussed on the question “What is God doing?”  We are a church are trying to join God in the things he is doing in the world so the question is an essential one to be asking.

Each week we are going to explore one of the things the bible suggests God is doing.   This week we answered:  God Creates!   You can read a short summary of the talk here.

We are made in God’s image!  That means our creator has made us for relationship with him and given us a role reflecting him to the rest of creation.  Our activity as MSCs is an outworking of both these things.

On Sunday I highlighted three aspects of the role:  starting,  blessing and sustaining.  

With that in mind it’s worth spending a little bit of time praying, reflecting and discussing around those three words,  is there one in particular that you might need to focus on as a community for a while?

What might God be calling our MSC to Start?
Is there a something new your community is called to initiate right now.  This could be a response to need,  a new activity that allows people of peace to draw together,  a different way of supporting or helping one another.  

Where might God be calling our MSC to Bless?
How can you speak, and bring about, goodness to those around you.  Perhaps this could look like praying together regularly for people of peace and asking God for words for them or maybe you could think of some simple service type activities,  giving out gifts,  litter picking etc.  that bless people and places around you.

How might God be calling our MSC to Sustain?
What is going on in the lives of people in your community that needs a bit of protection?  Are there particular folk that need the rest of you to gather round and help.  This could be really practical things: babysitting,  gardening, money or it could be support through prayer, through listening or even through a bit of challenge.  Are there people of peace connected to the community who need some of this sustaining work too?

Remember relationship comes before role.
We do run the risk that our MSCs simply become clubs of worn-out do-gooders.  As you think about what God might be calling you to start, bless or sustain do also focus on your relationship with the maker – how can you as a community support and challenge each other in this area.  Is it time to have a bit of focus on praying,  worshiping, reading the bible together and meeting with God?