Conversion is an act of God’s grace

At 9am Communion last Sunday David Williamson was speaking about the conversion of Saul from Acts 9.    
David reminded us that conversion is always an act of God’s grace and nothing is going to get in the way of it! God in his goodness steps towards us and gives us the strength to respond to him.

Saul had been persecuting the young church and God intervened. Jesus met Saul on the road even when Saul could not recognise him.  God spoke to him and then provided someone (Ananais) to pray for him,  care for him and help him make sense of the encounter with God that he had just experienced.

David asked us three questions,  which I want to pose to you –

How did you come to faith?
When did you last tell someone about your conversion?
Do you celebrate your conversion?

Let’s be people who acknowledge and celebrate what God is doing in our lives.  Let’s also commit ourselves to looking for people with whom God is working (we describe them as people of peace),  share with them what God is doing in our lives and help them make sense of their own experiences of Him.

Have a great week!  Ben