Earnestly I Seek

Throughout the summer we are going to use our weekly MSC news to send a short reflections on Psalms.  Some of these were sent out last year, some will be new.  This week Ben reflects on Psalm 63.  

Psalm 63 presents a challenge.  As I read of the author’s hunger and thirst for God I hear a question in my head.  What is it that I seek?

Over the summer I have found myself thinking about desire quite a bit – what am I seeking,  what am I hungry for?

Disordered desire is a sure route away from God.  The usual word we use for it is sin.  My needs – whether for certain experiences or feelings (appetite), for acceptance by others (approval) or for power in one or more sphere of life (ambition) tempt me,  time and again.  Even when I meet those desires in acceptable ways they are rarely satisfied,  my soul is a hungry beast!

And yet desire is also a route into God. I can choose to let my desire lead me closer to him.  He gave me many of my desires and as my loving Father he wants to satisfy them.

Why do you do what you do?  The good things and the bad.  Why are you part of a church?  Why are you involved in an MSC? Why are you taking part in mission?

Why do you respond to your colleagues,  friends, partner,  children… in the way that you do?  Why do you keep giving in to certain temptations in your life?  The answers to all these questions is linked to your desires.  

One of my favourte recent worship albums contains a really simple track – it just goes like this:   “Only you satisfy,  only you satisfy, only you satisfy my soul.

I am increasingly making that my prayer as I ask God for help to shift my desires in his direction.  As we approach this new season I would encourage you to do the same.