Getting on with the Main Thing.

Do you ever find that bible passages stalk you?  This week I’ve been being chased by Luke 4:  16 – 21,  and Acts 4:  32 – 35.

Seriously, these two have been following me around – popping up when people pray and share words they think God is saying,  showing their heads in times of daily prayer and sermons.
They’ve even been appearing when I’m minding my own business reading.
When this happens it does make me wonder “What is God saying?”  Well what I’m hearing from this is a call to make the main thing the main thing.

In the first of these two, well known, bits of scripture we see Jesus announce his purpose by declaring (and subverting) the prophecy in Isaiah 61.  His words would have been exciting and extremely challenging to hear.  He has come as God’s anointed and chosen one to bring good news,  to proclaim freedom,  release and favour.

In the second we see the early church’s Holy-Spirit-empowered efforts to live in Jesus’ way.  Sharing all they had,  giving to each other and getting on with declaring God’s good news.

As we said to many of you on Tuesday, we’ve been sensing a challenge over the last few weeks to lean towards God’s calling on our lives.  To evaluate what we’re doing and focus on the vision to “release communities of followers in the mission of Jesus.”  We are committed to evaluating and altering our activity based on what we think God is saying.    There’ll be time to explore all this more over the next few months.  For now I want to ask you two questions:

What has the spirit anointed you and your community to do?
How might you be more released and supported to fully devote yourself to that calling?

Have a great week!  Ben

by the way,  the image was made using notegraphy.