God brings the Growth

It’s not your job or my job to make new Christians. It’s none of our jobs to ensure that Kairos or your MSCs grow. Paul explained this when he was reflecting on the work of the Gospel in Corinth. “I planted”, he says, “Appollos watered, but God brings the growth.”

God brings the growth. He brings people to faith, he blesses groups with extra people, he deepens his work in lives. He is really good at it too! He has been doing it successfully for a number of years, he even managed to save you.

But good as he is, he invites you to participate. That is pretty cool: the church growth master, the discipleship expert invite you to play. He makes space for you to plant and water.

Plant – How can you bless people around you? Who can you tell about your story – why are you still a Christian, what is God doing in your life? Who could you offer to pray for (my experience is people love it when you do this). How could you connect with more people and see something started.

Water – Who is leaning in to you and paying attention to Jesus through you. How could you take that further: Bring them to a gathering? Invite them to your MSC? Encourage them to do alpha?

The pressure’s off, God brings the growth.
The opportunity is open, how can you plant and water?