God is glorious so I don’t have to fear others

At this time of Advent, it seemed appropriate for us to focus on the glory of God and how glorious he is, and so that means we don’t have to fear others.  The glory belongs to God, not to us, everything we are and do is about showing his glory through us to others.

We often sing a worship song, which has the line, “ and if God is for us, who can stand against us?”  In this we recognise the fact that God is for us, in all circumstances, and in all conversations, and in all contexts, we do not have to be afraid. All we have to be is who we are created to be, and be confident in our identity, as individuals, MSC’s and as Kairos.

We do not have to be afraid of others, their words, their actions, as we are about showing the glory of God not the glory of others!  Other people may well say things, and act in ways that does not help us, but we must return to our foundation that our lives are about the glory of God.

As a church going through the vacancy process still, how is it that we can continue to show the glory of God to others around us, and show it to each other as well.  We do not need to be afraid of what others think, but also we do not need to add fear into people’s lives.  So in this season, let’s ensure that in confidence we show the glory of God to all around us, and encourage each other not to be afraid, but to recognise the glory of God around each of us.

And as we reflect upon the glory of God this month, praying in our MSC’s and as a whole Church, do remember that we will be having launch week in January, 7-10 January.
We will be focusing upon how Jesus had compassion for others, and we are called to have compassion on people around us, wherever that may be, work, home, community, travels, where ever! so be thinking over this season, who is it that God may be calling you to pray for during launch week, and who will he be calling you to have compassion for.

Andy Wilson