Introducing Springboard – a welcome community.

If you are new to Kairos then we would like to welcome you to our church family.

We have a pattern of meetings that includes central gatherings and expressions of Church in smaller groups known as missional or Kairos communities.  Each of these communities follows a pattern of worship, fellowship and mission which we often refer to as Up, In and Out.

We have recognised that with this pattern of meetings it can be more difficult to understand when and how we meet. It can also be hard to know which community is the best for you.  So, the aim of Springboard is to introduce you to the vision and values of Kairos and to discern your mission focus and therefore which community you would like to join.  As we journey together in the Springboard community, we will help in this by asking: “What is God saying to you?” and “What am I going to do about it?”

We would expect Springboard to be a temporary community for you lasting around six months. Our plan would be to encourage as much engagement as possible with Central gatherings and the evening prayer and worship events. We will try to include a monthly meal together probably on a Sunday and we will hold fortnightly midweek evening meetings which will encourage us by building  community and learning the vision and values of Kairos and helping each other to hear from God.

We hope that this pattern of meeting will also give space to attend other communities events i.e. Forest Church, Messy Church.

If you’d be interested in joining or hearing more about this community please contact Chris and Kathryn Watson via . We hope to start after the May half term break.