Learning to Release God’s Presence

We have a rhythm of receiving and releasing God’s presence. What has been given to us we naturally and readily pass on to others. In John 7 Jesus says: Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” This living water bubbles up and refreshes us, then flows outwards to the world. Later Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit on his followers and immediately tells them that they get to forgive people’s sins.  

You are a stream of living water flowing through a thirsty world. Life bubbles up through you in your home, at your workplace, wherever you spend you time. God’s Holy Spirit desires to flow out from you to others so that they might also share in his love. The community you are part of is like a river as the streams within each of you come together.

Do you feel full of the Holy Spirit? Does that fullness flow to those around you? Next week I’ll share some practices that could help release more of God’s presence around you. One of the best ways to start with this is to pray.  

How often do you pray for those around you and ask that God’s love would be felt in their lives?  Do you remember those three people you were praying blessings for? How about continuing that but expanding the prayer slightly. I love 24-7 Prayer‘s advice for praying for friends and neighbours. They suggest we pray A, B, C, D:  that people in our life would become Awakened to God’s love, Blessed, Curious about faith and Drawn towards God. Why not develop that blessing challenge into a habit and pray A, B, C, D for 3 friends each day?  You will find it strengthens your ability to receive and release God’s presence.