Opening Up Conversation

As people encountered Jesus they found themselves opening up to him in new ways.  Telling him about their own life and listening to his tales about how they might fit into Gods great story.   Pharisees, fishermen, women, Roman officials and children all found themselves drawn in by his stories and challenged by his questions.

We want to be people who can ask good questions and tell good stories in order to rediscover loving conversation and build friendships. 

Asking Questions of each other.

How good are you at asking people within Kairos how they really are?  How much space do we make to really listen to what is going on in each others lives?  With good questions and proper attention we can help each other feel loved and grow. 

Here are some great conversations starter questions:

What are you thankful for?
What do think God might be saying to you?
What is making you happy right now?
What is bringing you sadness?
What are you reading/thinking about/learning?
What are you praying about? 

Opening up the conversation

Learning how to practice this rhythm means taking the same approach with other people in our life, and not making assumptions about what others might or might not feel about faith. 

Most people I have talked to about spirituality and faith have ideas and opinions and are interested in genuine conversation.  So starting discussion about these things doesn’t need to be difficult.  As well as some of the questions above you could make use of the following:

Do you have a spiritual experience?
Do you think of yourself as far from or near to God?
Have you ever believed in something more?

How about giving this a go? Try getting using a couple of good questions to get into a meaningful, loving conversation with someone this week.  Really listen and pay attention to them.  If you do, I’d love to hear how it goes!