Practicing Release

Before Easter we started looking at our second rhythm: receiving and releasing God’s presence.  If you need a reminder about some of those things have a look here.  We’d been noticing that God’s people are image bearers and glory carriers. We get to notice God around us and be filled with his Spirit. We also get to share the Holy Spirit with those around us.  

I have been reading Ephesians this week and love how chapter 2 puts it: “In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”  Isn’t that brilliant – you are part of God’s temple, filled with his presence.

How do we release that presence with others, being open and generous with our spiritual connection to God?  Here are some really simple practices:

Pray for people – are you still praying blessing or ABCD for 3 friends?  Brilliant! You can let them know that – “By the way, I’m praying for you.”  Your connection with God is a gift, you can share it.

Pray for workplaces or neighbourhoods – together with people in your household or community you can pray blessing for places. This can be even more effective when you head out and walk around that place – praying as you go. We’ll be doing some prayer walking in the first week of June together, look out for details soon.

Pray with people – a step further on from saying “I’m praying for you” is asking “Can I pray with you?” and, if your offer is accepted, saying a short prayer.  If a friend is sharing with you about something that is hard, or a sickness or need of healing then why wouldn’t you want to use your connection with God to offer love and support? I’ve found that only very rarely do people not appreciate being invited to pray, and that often they sense God doing something as you pray.   

Listen and share – many of us are used to listening to God and sharing pictures or words with others in Communities and Gatherings. You can do that out and about as well. You might need to think of some simple ways of explaining what you mean, and get in to some fun conversations. How about listening to God for a word or picture for a friend and then seeing if you can find an encouraging way to share that?

The key to learning to release God’s presence is to stop switching off our connection with God. Learn to live a more integrated lifestyle and try out sharing with friends and people of peace some of the natural-supernatural ways that God works in you.  Remember these things are best when they are done in community. How could you and your community grow in releasing God’s presence around you? I’d love to hear your response and stories of what you get up to!