MSC News Summer Reflection – Psalm 40

Throughout August we are reflecting on a different Psalm each week.  This time Andy reflects on Psalm 40.  You can read the Psalm here.

Psalm 40 starts by saying that the writer “waited patiently for the Lord”, an active intention, to come before the Lord and wait for him; wait for him to speak, to rescue, to heal: Wait for the Lord to do and say whatever he wants;  Later verses speak of the writer singing a new song: a new word, a refreshed vision, an energised person, purely because the writer “waited for the Lord”.

Much of the content of the writers words to God bring all that is happening in the writers life to god, and ask God to work, to speak, to be active in the writers life. In a time of abiding, resting, it is important that we “wait for the Lord”, rest in his presence, wait for that new song he has to give us for the coming time.  Bring things before the Lord, allow him to speak, allow him to be active in our lives over this summer time.  Waiting is not an inactive position, it is an intention, an active pursuing of god and all he has for us.

For some of us August is a time of rest.  Others of us will find ourselves very busy with work,  family,  friends,  kids…  and all the things of life.  My prayer and hope for this time is that, whether active or at rest, we wait for the Lord.  Let’s make time to hear his words, allow him to refresh, restore, re-envision us, and as we rest in him, listen to him, feel inspired for the coming time, and the new song he is placing in our hearts for the people of this area and region.  Andy

A Couple of BlogsIt was great to hear a bit from the Wilson family last Sunday about their time in Rwanda. If you’ve not found it already, you can read more about their trip at Andy’s blog here.

I loved this story from 3dm USA about how stumbling into a Missional Community Meeting changed the life of one individual.

Have a great week!  Ben.