Reflections of an Intern – By Aidan

Being on the New Wine Discipleship Year (NWDY for short) I didn’t fully know what to expect, other than, the rough schedule of Monday training days and Church work for three days a week – with a focus on Youth Work. But these first fifty days of the internship have been so fun, unexpected, and quite formative for me and in my walk-through faith. (And growing in my bouldering).

To give you a better understanding of what I have gone through, here is a brief overview of my `typical` week structure so far,

  • Mondays: 9:30-15:30 Training Days in Leeds (@ St Georges Community Centre) Looking at different aspects such as, The Bible, Anglicanism, Spiritual gifts, Homelessness and Spiritual Discipline. All very interesting topics and a great place to catch up with the wider Leeds interns.
  • Tuesdays: Day off – other than alternative weeks with Youth Blaze group! Very fun to do. – I spend the rest of the day to rest, study in the bible, and watch sermons, also sometimes go bouldering (All round a Fun day!).  
  • Wednesdays/Thursdays: 9:30-15:30 Kairos Days, on Wednesdays I have been helping with take time, and arriving on both days for the Morning prayers, (Got to host one once more to come…).  I’ve also just started helping with a lunch club for Y7-9 at St Aidan’s. These are also office days where I do what is need to, some planning for future events, and yeah get the behind the scenes of the Church experience!
  • Friday/Saturdays Currently both days off a great time to spend getting to know fellow housemates through a Weekly meal and, go climbing with others building on relationships! I’m also looking for part time work for this time.
  • Sunday – Church Day!  Joining in with Kairos gatherings and communities, eating lunch with some of you, helping at the monthly Harrogate Youth Worship Night.

So that’s my typical week layout, but so far there has been much more for me to slowly expand on, through helping where I can during Church in PA, also once with 20 German Pastors! I’ve also been on the NWDY residential which was a great time to reflect and learn more about God and meet wider New Wine interns.

For me personally, to see God at work on the NWDY residential at every meeting was a really blessing for me, and though my own time with God (almost every morning but every night), I have been reminded and have had time to reflect on the goodness and joy, that God brings me though this work and throughout the week, even on the bad days! So, to by studying into the Word and though reading books, now more than ever it seems like I am only just getting a sense of the Love, and Power of God, and developing a real Adoration of him, so I can’t wait for more revelations to come my way!  

Also… Ducks! Yes, as random as it sounds, let’s say I took a joke way to seriously and may have started an intern wide duck hunt across many different intern houses and offices (look out Kairos!)  

To summarise then, from moving out of home for the first time, to now fifty days into the internship, I has been great experience for me to invest time into, Church my own Faith and developing relationships and not just living but looking to thrive, and I am looking forward to the next fifty days and beyond. 

With a special thanks to Ben, Jen, everyone at Kairos, and Katherine in Leeds!