Staying Equipped for the Adventure

Last week Mark wrote that he felt this would be a season marked by acceleration.  I would imagine that two weeks into September  many of us are certainly feeling the pace of life quicken! 

We are seeing some exciting new things beginning to happen;  one of these is the emergence of new communities. Over the next week two new MSCs will start.  Rachel Wilkinson and Elaine Higgins are launching Stuffers, a community based on building relationship through craft, on Monday.  On Sunday Helen and I are beginning our as yet un-named community focused on young families. There are other visions and ideas in the pipeline and I am sure we will see some more new communities starting over the next few weeks.  Please do pray for these as they get going.

We are experiencing acceleration in other areas; for example I have had a few conversations with Kairospeople about good God-encounters with people as they go about their daily lives.

As things speed up it is a good time to reflect on the way in which we can sustain and equip one another as disciples and leaders.  I want to point out some of the things we have coming up that are there to keep momentum going. 

Gatherings – We’ve been at three Central Gatherings on a Sunday for a while now and have just moved them all into the main hall.  It has been good to notice, over the last few months, the increasing sense of encounter with God at these times and also at our monthly Up gathering on a Sunday Evening.  I’d like to encourage you to come to all these gatherings,  particularly if you are currently not in a missional community. 

Base Camp – Next week we are also getting going with Base Camp.  I am getting excited about the opportunity to spend seven Wednesday evenings exploring Kairos‘ identity.  During these evenings there will be worship, teaching,  and lots of time to reflect and discuss together.  Base Camp will suit a number of people:  those who are new to Kairos and wanting to find out more about it,  those who are not sure what community to belong to,  those who have been part of a community for a long while and wanting to get a bit of time to refocus and those who are considering starting a new community.  If you are planning to come along please do sign up on Sunday,  or reply to this email to let us know.

Huddle – Huddles are the key place where discipleship of leaders takes place.  We are continuing our rhythm of huddles.  If you are part of one of the huddles then you should have dates for these,  but do look out for a email soon to remind you when your huddle is meeting.   Learning Community – We have a leaders learning community coming up on the 14th and 15th November.  This will be a timely opportunity to revisit and build on some of the things God begun during base camp.

We recognise that launching and leading Mission Shaped Communities is demanding (as well as being a lot of fun), Gatherings,  Base Camp,  Huddle and Learning Communities are key ways in which we want to help you continue to be enabled and released to go.  Please do prioritise them.

Offering for Chloe 
Thank you to those who gave generously towards Chloe’s costs for this year.  We have collected £2048 which covers what she needed to do the CYM course.  Praise God!

10 years of Roll the Rock.
Andy is celebrating 10 years of work under the Roll the Rock name this year.  On October 14th there will be a celebration and relaunch evening to mark this anniversary and he would love some Kairos people to be there.    More details here.

A couple of links
Club vs Family:  This is a good reflection from Nic Harding who leads Frontline Church in Liverpool.
Collecting Bras to Fight Sex Trafficing:   A story from 3dm US about a MSC with a very focussed vision!

Have a great week!  Ben.