Continuing What He Started – Kairos MSC News

Yesterday was Ascension Day when the Church remembers that Jesus is not on earth any more.
He is in Heaven as our great King and Priest.  He leaves us to carry on his mission with the help of his Spirit.

And what is the work that his Spirit is helping us do? Last Sunday some of us wrote down stories of what God is doing  – here are a few:

“God has been faithful in providing future housing for us when it seemed impossible.”

“Thank you Lord for being able to spend time with the most awesome group of young people, telling bad jokes, meeting the children of friends and dancing at the Big Night Out.”

“There is excitement among Blaze about church and being together!”

“Renovate is excited to be committed to Alpha.  It’s great to be involved doing something together.”

“We’ve had an exciting start to Alpha.  I’m enjoying beginning to help others discover Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.”

“I’m thankful for our MSC and Kairos.  For being my family when my family is so far away.  I’m hopeful for our Ohana summer party and that it will bring more people in.”

“Despite things not going how I planned I have become a school governer!”

“House sale completed – thank you God that it all went smoothly.  Our neighbours approached us to say what lovely people we have been and how sad they are to see us go.  You don’t realise the impact you have on your neighbourhood!”

“Meeting with a community of people in the coffee shop in M&S.  It’s great to meet with them a second time.”

“God has reminded me of how much he lavishes His love upon me and wishes to bless me, not because I’ve earned it. On holiday I nearly missed a ferry,  there were no tickets for 4 of us.  God provided all 4 tickets for the exact ferry we were hoping to get at the right moment.”

“Our MSC was mentioned in a community letter being sent to each house on the estate.”

With the help of God’s Spirit you are continuing Jesus’ work.
Be encouraged and keep going!

Have a great week.