God is present in the work of LifeLine

For those of you who aren’t on facebook you won’t know about the amazing story of the last week with our resident Frank.

On Saturday (14th February) Lifeline’s Support Worker and Housing Officer Trefor popped into one of our houses to fit some light bulbs. He wouldn’t normally go round on a Saturday. He called out to one of our residents Frank to see if he was ok and there was no sound from his room. Trefor popped his head round to find him in a diabetic coma. He called 999 and a paramedic arrived who in turn called for an ambulance. They thought he had stopped breathing on the way to the ambulance from the house.

Georgie and I spent the afternoon with him in A&E and he was in a really bad way. We feared the worst. He then went into ITU and since then we have seen day by day improvements. Last night (Wednesday 18th) he looked like a new man and looked in the picture of health, praise God! Not only that but his sister has made contact with him by phone after several years of bitterness over his mums death after we had explained to her by email (she is in Australia) the seriousness of his condition. They had a lovely chat and have agreed to continue contact! This is a miracle, only God can intervene like this and change hearts. God steps in when we have done all we can. Georgie and I had felt completely rung out by the whole episode but God then stepped in and turned this all around and we are now feeling lifted, and can’t stop praising him!

This is the second time in a matter of months when we have been able to be spirit led and pop in at the right time to present disaster. In my other role with Green Pastures I have heard of a number of recent accounts of residents dying because they did not have ongoing support so we praise the Lord that we are able to be his instrument of salvation. We just pray our guys recognise the Lords hand in this and of course they are running out of rational reasons why these things keep happening!

Carl Good
Lifeline Harrogate