The first Rhythm – Generously Bless

This term my emails are going to focus on practicing a rhythm of GRACE. This week I want to introduce our first rhythm – Generously Bless.

“Through you all nations will be blessed” Genesis 22:18

We are called to reach outwards towards others and to see all peoples blessed!  We seek to do this in practical and spiritual ways embracing generosity as a way of life.

Encounters with Jesus were often joyful events full of blessing: the wedding at Cana, the miraculous catch of fish, the feeding of the five thousand. Jesus taught his followers to share what they had, even if it was only a little, and to expect God to increase it. Imagine the difference we could make if we all lived that way!

It is so much easier to explain to others what grace is like when we demonstrate it!  Blessing and generosity are practical ways we can show others what it means to be loved by God and invited to be his friend.

Roy Godwin, the director of the Ffald-dy-Brennan trust writes a lot about blessing.  He says this:  “Having a heart to bless will challenge the judgemental mind-set that can colour how we look at those we live with and among.  We can become a ‘grace first’ people.”

A blessing is more than simply doing something nice for someone and it is more than praying something good for them. It is a declaration and demonstration that God loves them and wants to be involved in their life. It could look like serving them, it could be supernatural: like praying together for healing. It could be very practical and down to earth: like preparing someone a meal.

Blessing never comes with a catch, a blessing is freely given. But we can be confident and clear that we bless in Jesus’ name and as a result of the good things God has done for us.

Next week I’ll send some practical ideas about ways you and your community could practice generous blessing.  For this week use these questions to start a conversation with God and one another.

  • How could you regularly serve those around you?
  • In what ways could you practice generosity and blessing to one another?
  • How could you speak blessing over your neighborhoods, your colleagues and friends?