The people who walked in darkness…

Suddenly we’re in December!  Advent seems to have come very quickly for me.  One of the verses we will be chewing over the next few weeks comes from the prophecies of Isaiah:  “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.”

That is the promise of Advent and Christmas.  That Jesus our light has dawned and so we can walk by his light – no matter how hard and dark things seem.

Enjoy the light

Over the next few weeks make some time for yourself to encounter Jesus’ light afresh.  It has been good to hear some of Renovate’s plans to do this as a community.  They are each taking a candle and lighting it each day.  While it burns they are doing something that will draw them closer to God. How might you and your community enjoy the light this Advent and Christmas?

Shout about the light

We want to encourage others to journey with Kairos this Christmas. Let’s make the most of this time to be able to tell people again why Jesus coming is good news!  There are three different whole church gatherings that you could bring friends along to:  Simply Christmas, A Christingle on Christmas Eve and our Christmas Day celebration.  We’d love you to join us at these and we’d love you to invite family and friends along to them as well.

Be the light!

It’s so exciting to hear about some of the plans MSCs are making for Christmas mission this year.  I’ve heard rumours of carol singing and mulled wine on people’s roads, gift giving to local charities, parties and socials to invite friends to.  What are you planning as an MSC?  We’d love you to tell us so we can pass the news on.

Have a brilliant Advent!  Ben.