Trust Jesus – MSC News

On Sunday I spoke from Mark.4.33-41 where Jesus and the disciples are in a boat and face a storm.

Within this passage the disciples ask 2 interesting questions: “Do you not care we are about to drown?” “Who is this?”

These questions highlighted 3 key issues:

Recognising Jesus

Do we recognise him in our lives? Do others recognise him in our lives? Are we investing our other capitals to see our Spiritual capital of recognising Jesus grow?

Trusting Jesus

How much do we trust him? How vulnerable do we make ourselves before him to trust him deeper?

Relying on Jesus

How much are we prepared to give up control to totally rely upon Jesus? We can only rely if we trust and we will only trust if we recognise him!

Where do we need to do some work within our MSC’s to recognise Jesus more, trust him more and rely on him more?

failed me

The truth is that we will only see our MSC’s grow if we are prepared to make ourselves vulnerable and trust Jesus totally, relying upon him, and ensuring that others around us can recognise Jesus at work in, through and around us.

Andy Wilson

The ocean photo is by Tiago Fioreze and can be seen here.  The stormy image is a detail from a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky.