What’s your part in the story?

There is much that is good happening across Kairos Network Church right now.  It’s great to see so many people getting involved with what God is doing.  Our MSCs are meeting in a variety of places – homes, pubs, community centres, pre-schools and of course in the Kairos Room.  9am Communion is also gently growing, as people discover this valuable place of worship, prayer and stability.

The story of Kairos is that God is at work among us as we focus on releasing communities of disciples in the mission of Jesus.  We want everyone to be able to confidently tell that story.  If you and your MSC are planning something interesting please tell us.  If you have had a go at something and its worked, or even if it was a bit messy please tell us, if you took a photo of your MSC in action please show us!  Be confident about your bit of the story and tell it!

As well as telling our story, we want to get better at asking others to tell theirs.  If you are interested in finding out what is going on with an MSC then ask.  If you want to know what it is that you can be praying for, for MSCs, for Lifeline and the other ministry areas that are emerging amongst us – then ask!

How do you ask?  Who do you tell?  Well the short answer is anyone and anywhere!  There are lots of connecting points: 9am Communion, The Up, Central Gatherings, Huddles, etc…  How can you make the most of these to share a bit of your story and find out someone else’s?  We also have a team working to keep communication flowing as well as we can – look out for stories on What’s Up What’s On and MSC News, keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter and YouTube feeds.  You can easily contact us on any of those platforms or email KairosComms@gmail.com.  Go on, try it out – ask us a question, tell us something.  Let’s get better at sharing our story together.