Almost Advent – Up, In and Out!

Almost Advent – Up, In, Out

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The fog has been clinging to Harrogate for a few days, the Christmas market has arrived for the weekend and the sun is starting setting around 3pm: we’re about to enter Advent!  At this time of the year I try and have a think about how I can make the most of the next few weeks, in my own discipleship.

We talk about discipleship having upwardinward and outward dimensions.  Here are a few ideas to help you and your community be a bit more intentional about these things this year.


Advent is a great time to do something a little differently and create some freshness in your relationship with God.  24-7 Prayer are running a series of daily podcasts – these are great reflections and prompts to pray.  Perhaps you could try and watch these as a community, you can see a trailer here.  Last year I enjoyed reading “Haphazard by Starlight” a book of poems and reflections to help prompt prayer,  I’ll be dipping into it this time round again. I also remember finding the 9am Communion very special during advent, we make a few seasonal changes and I found it a very helpful bit of space for simple prayer.  Those are things that fit my tastes and preferences, what could you and your community do to focus on God a little more this December?


Oikos is for life, and that includes Christmas!  As December goes on It can sometimes be tempting to focus entirely on nuclear/traditional family.  In some ways that is natural but if you want your MSC to function like extended family then include it in your Christmas! We’ve been developing a family tradition of Advent Tea over the last few years,  on the first Sunday of Advent we eat nice food,  put on some Christmassy music and get excited about the next few weeks together.  This year we’re trying to open that up to Ohana, our community. What family traditions or activities could you do as an MSC?


Christmas is a gift for those of us who are looking to tell God’s story, people are just naturally interested!  What could your community do that you could invite friends and people of peace along to?  It’s also a time when the needs of people around us could become a bit more apparent, is there a way you could serve others in Harrogate or further afield with time, effort or money over the next few weeks.
Let us know what you decide to do as a community,  we really want to share what you are up to this Advent!  You can easily share information or testimonies with us by emailing

One great place where you can do Up,  In and Out together with the wider Kairos family will be Simply Christmas.    Do come along and invite friends, look out for a flyer for more details.  If you would like to help make Simply… happen then get in touch with Pippa.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday at 7:30pm for our Leaders Training Evening.  Rich Robinson will be with us exploring how to help your community use social and personal space well.

Have a great weekend,  Ben.

The Christmas Star image came from CreationSwap.