Last weekend was really good.

The Kairos Leaders Learning Community was fun, full of life and faith for the future.

Here are a few reflections from the weekend that emerged from a few words I scribbled down.

Be an EVERYONE Community

John Wimber coined the phrase “everyone get’s to play.”

Everyone can join in with what God is doing – as we participate more, and encourage others to participate more then we will see more happening. Our communities will grow, Gatherings will grow, Kairos will grow.

Be a THEY-WILL community

Isaiah 61 talks about the recipients of God’s favour being certain things:

They will be….

– oaks of righteousness

– plantings for the display of his splendour

– rebuilders of ancient ruins

– renewers of ruined cities

God believes in the people he has poured out his favour on. Let’s believe that God believes in us and sees us as a ‘they will’ bunch of people.


Don’t be afraid to lead. Leadership isn’t just for those particularly identified as occupying leadership positions. I am enjoying seeing more and more people taking responsibility to lead. I was reminded of Jonah – he was called, ran away, finally obeyed and saw a response that led to repentance. Let’s not run away from God’s call to lead.

Be people who are heading in the right DIRECTION

We talked about identifying what we could be best in the world at. You don’t have to be the best now but do make sure you are heading in the right direction. This is the value of our process we embrace of twice yearly Learning Communities. We get to be able to keep going in the right direction.

I hope you are finding our Gatherings as encouraging as I am. We don’t always realise the impact of the way we are being church, I found this video about Kairos recorded by James Barnett the leader of Riverside Church in Leeds who visited our 10.30am Gathering last Sunday whilst on a months sabbatical really helpful.

Be encouraged everyone!


Kairos Stories

We really want to know what God is doing in your MSC and your life. If you have any recent stories of God at work, however big or small, please do write them down in an email and send it to Thank you!