Blaze Weekend Away

Jan 23-25 saw Blaze take 11 young people to the Westend outdoor centre just outside of Harrogate.

6 Of these young people have been engaged with Blaze for quite a while, 3 on the edge of Blaze, but getting more involved, and 2 joining us for the first time.

The weekend was full of team activities, fun games, chill out times, meals together, and time encountering God together.

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 A Couple of highlights:

On the Saturday evening, we gave the whole of Blaze the invitation/challenge to move closer to Jesus, and 9 out of the 11 young people there made that decision. it was a great moment, and all those who made that decision were encouraged to tell a leader so they could be encouraged on their journey.

We saw many friendships deepen over the weekend, and a growing sense of belonging to Blaze was certainly parent over the weekend.

Despite late nights for some, and growing tiredness over the weekend, lots of fun and laughter took place, and a number of young people moved forward on their journey with Jesus. Lots to celebrate, give thanks for, and we would encourage you to talk to the young people about the weekend as there are many funny and great stories.

Andy Wilson,

Blaze team leader.