Core values – Shared Life John 6: 1-10 (Feeding of 5000)

Talk by Ben Askew & Elaine Timmis

This is the third talk in a series on our Core Values as a church. As a church we are commited to living as an extended family seeking to build good relationships.

Ben and Elaine share there thoughts about what it means to live that kind of a shared life of discipleship and mission together in hoseholds and communities.

This sermon does contain a quote from Jean Vanier’s book ‘Community and Growth’ a work that has been helpful to me (Ben) in thinking about living a shared life.  

Since the sermon was recorded, serious allegations about historical sexual abuse involving Jean Vanier have come to light.  L’Arche communities have released an official response here.   This is a very distressing situation and our prayers are with all in L’Arche and others involved in this sadness, particularly those who have suffered abuse. 

Kairos Network Church is committed to ensuring our life together is safe.  We have adopted the house of bishop’s safeguarding recomendations and you can read more about our safeguarding policy here.