Dig Deeper this Lent

“Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”  Matthew 13:8

This Lent I sense a call to dig deeper. Back in October we started to imagine what it would look like for God’s word to spread and flourish around us as a church.  Since the New Year we have been asking God to teach us to pray.  We have made some good steps forward and, amidst all the uncertainty and unease that is around us, it is time to dig in: to ask that we, and the people and places God has put us, would be like good soil bearing a good crop. 

How might God be inviting you to dig deeper over the next 40 days?

Dig deeper into the bible.  Find some time each day to read a short passage of scripture. Let it read and challenge you. Ask God to show you something from what you are reading each day. 

There are lots of great bible plans and notes out there. I plan to use Lectio 365 and LICC’s Simple Rule journey this Lent. If you arene’t sure what else to use why not join me with one of those plans?     

Dig deeper in prayer. Build more space for prayer on your own and with others. 
Pray indoors and outside. Pray that God’s word would find good soil. There are lots of ways to pray. If you are not sure where to start you could try this: 

Sit with God in silence for 5-10 minutes, perhaps repeat a phrase from the bible or short prayer to yourself in this time: eg. ‘May I be good soil’.  After a short while say the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer.  Pause over at least one phrase and use it to add your own prayers.

Dig deeper into fasting. Fasting is giving up something that we enjoy or sustains us in order to focus on God. It creates a bit of weakness in our lives and is a way of allowing God’s presence to meet us. 

What might God be calling you to give up regularly over the next few weeks? How might you join with others in fasting as well as prayer?

Dig deeper and share. Good soil produces a crop, more seed to sow. How could you share what God is showing you or doing in you with others, both Christians and people who wouldn’t yet describe themselves as followers of Jesus?

Don’t try and dig deeper in all these areas all the time. Rather ask “What’s next Lord?” and ask Jesus to show you where to dig deeper this Lent.