How to engage with death and resurrection

Last week Mark reminded us that death and resurrection were fundamental aspects of discipleship.  We want to stay with that theme a little longer and consider how we engage well in a time where there seems to be quite a lot of little-death and change in some of our communities.

At times when things seem difficult and hard different tendencies can suddenly appear.  Some of us might want to fight to hold on to what was end up responding out of fear or anger.  Others may want to protect themselves from what is going on, withdraw and seek comfort.

There are many potential responses to change, but as ever, the key to growing through this time is to pay attention to what God is wanting to do and say to us.

This is all very similar to things we have been learning together for a while about fruit and pruning.  John 15 says that our Father, the gardener, will prune even fruitful vines in order that their might be even stronger, better fruit. They key, is to remain in Jesus.

Remain in Jesus, engage with death… another phrase that comes to mind is one Mark used recently “being still while you keep moving.”

How might we do these things over the summer and as a number of us process “What’s next” for our MSC? Here are a few thoughts – they may also be helpful for people in Communities that are going strong but who are wondering how to rest well with God over August.

Prayer – I know I’ve said this a few times quite recently, but I’ve become increasingly convinced that the simple discipline of daily prayer is incredibly important for teaching us to rely on God. At Resource Base we’ve found 9am prayers such a helpful routine – how might you be able to develop a personal and community routine of regular prayer?

summer gatherings

Planned Connection – We need to connect with each other in order to work out what God is saying to us, we also need the encouragement that we can give each other. Summer can be a very disjointed time, with people all over the place. Could you make an effort to plan one or two simple connection points either with your MSC, or with other people you know are currently community-less. These really don’t have to be complicated – a BBQ, a picnic, a day out together.

Worship – God can speak to us anywhere, but times of worship are often really helpful in providing an atmosphere where we are willing to listen. We have 9am Communion gatherings all through August, and also two simple summer gatherings at 10:30 on the 17th and 31st August. We’d love you to join us!

Links to make you think
A couple of posts from wider in the movement that we are part of that explore similar themes.

How to die on a Cross Reflections on the importance of dying to self from Mike Breen
Sustaining a life of Mission – Abide in Me  A very helpful series on how to rest well that first came out last summer on the Missional Communities Blog

A heads up for next term: Base Camp.
Nobody goes to the summit of Everest without first stopping at Base Camp. Why? Because they have to adjust to the conditions.

Base Camp is a 7 week opportunity to adjust further to being part of a church that believes in Mission Shaped Communities that go and make disciples.

Come if you are exploring what God might be saying to you about your involvement in Kairos.
Come if you are wanting to find a place to belong in Kairos.
Come if you are exploring a vision for a new Mission Shaped Community.
Come if you want to understand better the vision and values of Kairos.
Come if you want to get to know others in Kairos better.

(The Base Camp photo is by Josh Lewis and found on Wikipedia)