Praying with thanksgiving for more.

I’m looking back with thanksgiving reflecting on the experience of waking up on New Years Day with that simple word ‘MORE’ on my mind. It wasn’t a bolt of lightning “Yahweh has spoken” type thing – much more a quiet witness in my heart that I had heard God – and that I needed to be obedient. 

As I pondered the word “MORE” I received some confirmation through scripture and I began to see it as a word of faith – not as a word that makes me exhausted with activity but one that is to be cast in prayer like seed onto soil. I have been knowingly praying this over people and speaking it to people ever since January as an obedient response. I haven’t based all of ministry on it, I haven’t preached it intentional, though I may do one day, I have simply scattered it expecting…. more but not working to define what that more may be. We don’t command God – but we take authority to speak out what fits with his will, his character, his way. You can’t go wrong if you know what you are speaking is his word.

So what have I seen? I did pray purposefully that more people would begin to be released into what God is calling them to do.  What I have seen is an increase in deliverance from things holding people back and I’m seeing at the moment the stirring up of vision for new things.   In some conversations I have had with others about what ‘more’ might mean in their lives I have witnessed two things growth in Confidence and Courage – these especially relate to leadership.  We’ve also seen a significant leap from Kairos having no discernible network relationships to individuals and churches who really want to journey with us. Small but significant things. Are they as a result of operating in faith the word ‘MORE’? Well I don’t believe in magic words – I haven’t used it like that.. I’ve just been surprised at how much more than I was expecting has happened. I choose to believe that giving expression to the impression God gave me on New Years Day has been the right response – an obedient response. So I am keeping on praying “MORE”.

And another thing:

A really encouraging thing is the growing confidence we see amongst people in handling scripture – being able to ‘break open’ God’s word for the encouragement of others. This is apparent at the Kairos Base prayer times and was especially apparent this morning as Rachel Wilkinson led prayers. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me saying that one of the things she has prayed for ‘more’ of is confidence to speak out what God is saying to here. She reflected this morning on Luke 8:1-3 (have a look at it!)  This is the gist of what she said:

Jesus is travelling with his missional community, this is his oikos,  the chosen, those who contributed through their own means, the healed, people of peace, those who wanted to help and be part of what’s going on. These are women of means, people of purpose, not just hangers on.   

 Joanna – on a path of a disciple to an apostle. One of the group of women who discovered the empty tomb and thought to be Luke’s eye witness in the court of Herod.  Her husband, Chuza, is thought to have lost his position in Herod’s household due to Joanna’s conversation to Christianity and her courageous testimony among Herod’s servants. 

 Susanna – Only named only once in the bible.  These women bore witness to the fact they had been healed.  The women who had been healed by Jesus and now accompanied him were those who supported the whole group out of their own means.  

 These women were active contributors to the proclamation of the gospel, a vital part of the team, but supporting the needs of the team was secondary to just being with Jesus.

They didn’t follow Jesus to have a ministry, they just wanted to bask in the presence of Jesus.

 We can’t be a vital part of the team if we don’t bask in his presence.

There we have it…… a word, a sense of what God is saying shared with some of us this morning 22nd July 2014 but shared with growing confidence and courage. We will struggle to take a full part in team Jesus if we don’t spend time in his presence.  Thank you Rachel.  MORE.