Jesus’ friends have courage

Continuing our series on friendship with God and other people, Ben reflects on the courage of Peter and John in Acts 4:1-21. They have healed a man in Jesus’ name and now they are facing criticism from the religious authorities, trusting in Jesus’ promise that they will be given the words they need in the face of hostility. Ben explores how we can allow God to cultivate this sort of courage in us as individuals and in community, helping us to overcome the temptation to fight or run away (even when that seems like a sensible option) and instead accept God’s invitation to live in freedom in troubling times, perceiving more clearly what God is doing, and ‘weaving a canopy of trust under which other people can find shelter’ (Elizabeth Oldfield, ‘Fully Alive’).

What do you need courage for? Who might God be inviting you to stand with? How might God grow courage in you?

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