Let Me Tell You What I’ve Seen!

It takes more than a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! For centuries Christians have treated Easter as a season, often running alongside the full arrival of spring, to reflect on the power of God shown in raising Jesus. This amazing event, Paul says, was witnessed by at least 500 people (1 Cor 15:6), many of whom left eyewitness accounts we can read in the gospels.

In our central gatherings this term we are going to be reflecting on three of these accounts – each is surprisingly intimate, not just describing what Jesus does but also the things he eats and the questions he asks. Reading through these stories it’s easy to get a picture of the bewildered disciples excitedly telling one another the news: It’s true, he’s alive, I’ve seen him!

These stories lead me to wonder what news we pass on. God is at work among us in our lives, our MSCs and our gatherings. The 5 testimonies we heard on Easter Sunday are one more piece of evidence of his activity. So often I find that I don’t notice this so when people ask how I am, or what’s going, I struggle to think of what to say, or I start with a grumble.

I want to encourage each of us to be looking out for what God is doing and focus on these things. Lets get better at passing on what we have seen.