Pray that you are a blessing

Following Pippa’s word last Sunday about integrating life with God and not separating the two gave me a fresh challenge to pray for more opportunities to share faith and generally keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to tune into what God is doing around me.
I love to swim. It’s my only form of exercise (other than chasing after Jayden!) and I plan it in each week if I can. I do pray each time I go that I would be a blessing to those around me, even if it is just giving someone a smile – as the swimming pool is a challenging place to chat to people unless you’ve gone with someone of course!
This week, while swimming, a man – who I have seen in the pool regularly over the 7 years I have been swimming at the hydro – smiled as I swam past him and he changed direction to follow me to have a conversation. This is not normal. I was a little shocked as he appeared to be so friendly (I was a little apprehensive at first) and after a bit of small talk, he suddenly opened up about how he had been meditating for over 20 years and it has helped with his confidence and positivity etc. I then found myself talking about my relationship with God and how I believe His Kingdom is within me and how my confidence, peace etc is from Him. We were chatting for about 15mins!! I realised in his hunger for spiritual things and his openness, he had spotted something in me from simply smiling.
I guess I wanted to share this because we just don’t realise the impact we are having in people, even a simple smile, and sometimes, that can be over a period of many years! Let’s continue to be open to what God is doing and lets jump in and get involved because our desire should be to see His Kingdom advance wherever we go and for His glory to be shown!
Hope this encourages you as much as it has me 🙂
Love Hannah