Lent Disciplines – Breathe

Over Lent we are exploring the ways in which spiritual disciplines draw us as leaders and disciples back to Jesus.
This week Pippa describes a discipline that is currently bringing her life.


I start my day with breakfast,  it sets the tone for the day.  A healthy breakfast often leads to a healthy day.  This Lent I’m also trying to start the day with some spiritual breakfast; I take some time to be silent and focus on breathing.

The Hebrew and Greek words for ‘breath’ also means ‘spirit’.   I breathe in the spirit and out what I need to let go of, such as what I’m worried about, what is holding me back or sin. I have found that this focuses me on God. Breathing is something we do all the time, however focusing on this life giving process by taking it all in and giving it all back, reminds us of the surrendering nature of being a living sacrifice to God.

Take the time to breathe, breathe into your belly not just your shoulders. I have found that it is often in the- what feels like nothingness- that God reveals himself beyond my expectations. I spoke on Sunday about the need to spend time with the Father, and how silence can be a good way to do this, don’t turn it into a complex thing, just be with Him and Breathe.

Try this:

Pause…breath in…breath out…do this 10 times.
Draw close to the giver of life, focus on the Spirit being with you and in you today.

Throughout the day at those moments of tension, rushing, uncertainty, anger, frustration, as you grab a bite for lunch, have a spiritual snack, go back to the source of life.
Breathe with Him.