Rest with God

We’ve hit August!  Some of us will be heading off on holiday or to a conference or two, others will be carrying with our every-day commitments as usual and looking forward to a break later in the year.  Others will be wondering how to occupy the kids while we carry on with as much of our work as possible!

Summer means different things to lots of us, but as a church we tend to use August as a time to slow down and rest with one another, this is especially true for those who lead MSCs, we want to encourage each other to clear some of the usual community activity and have some fun together.

This year round we’re getting into August with considerable change:  Allsorts has come to an end, at least one other community is moving towards multiplication, there is all sorts of movement involving people and team.  Some of us will feel like we want this to all be resolved before we rest, we may not get what we want.  We may need to slowdown, wait and accept a bit of uncertainty.

All of this makes making sure that we stay connected with each other all the more important.   There are lots of ways to keep in relationship with Kairos people – phones, texts, social media, gatherings, and good old conversations!  In particular there are the 9am Communions and Summer Gatherings – great opportunities to keep in touch.

As Autumn goes on I think things will look clearer and a number of MSCs may well emerge, we want to be ready for this and so are once again creating space for prayer.  During Launch Week (30th August – 2nd September) we’ll gather to pray at 7am, 9am, 12noon, 4pm and 8pm,  we’d love you to join us.
Enjoy the next few weeks!  Rest, connect with one another and with God.

Have a good Summer!