What I’ve learned about – leadership

The first, and maybe obvious thing I have noted more over recent times, is that everyone has an opinion on leadership, whether it be politics, sport, community or church, everyone has an opinion on what a leader should be, and even more what they should do.

Expectation is often a key influence upon any leader, but the challenge/question is, where does that expectation come from? People’s expectations are often different from God’s, but do we make space/time to hear god’s voice and hear his expectations above others?

When we look at the incident where Jesus was with Mary and Martha, Luke 10.38 to end, Martha reacted out of her own perspective, where Mary was putting herself at the feet and listening to Jesus.

Leadership is often about having the ability not to react, to stop, have a sense of peace, listen and then respond. Responding is different to reacting.

Our Kairos questions are always what is God saying and what is our response, because God wants a response and not a reaction.

Summer can be that time where we have space to stop, reflect, gain some peace, and listen, enabling us to move to a place of response.

So let’s be people who don’t react simply out of what they see, as Martha did, but people who respond out of all that God is saying to us, and demonstrate a leadership model that the world could certainly do with right now.

by AndyWilson.  You can read more of Andy’s thoughts on the Roll The Rock site.